Online World Climate Simulation Resources

As many learning activities move online, the need for fun and interactive educational experiences is apparent. Luckily, the World Climate Simulation that you know and love is adaptive to the virtual classroom format, and the resources below will guide you through how you can facilitate the game for your students.

You aren’t familiar with World Climate? Watch this orientation video to learn more about the arc of the game. For more information and facilitator resources, view our World Climate for Classroom or World Climate for TRIO Professionals pages.

materials and facilitator Resources

If you are an educator interested in learning about the World Climate Simulation and how to facilitate an engaging session online, the How to Facilitate A World Climate Simulation Virtually webinar recording will get you up to speed.

Preparation Materials for Educators

View and Download Materials Here

Included in the link above are:

  • World Climate Facilitator Guide
  • World Climate Facilitator Script
  • World Climate Online Tips
  • World Climate Slide Deck*
  • World Climate Supplemental Slides
  • Materials for students (Briefing Statements, Proposal Forms, Virtual Backgrounds)*

Additional Materials you will need include:

  • Link to C-ROADS*
  • Document where final proposals can be submitted (note: copy and paste into new excel document)
  • Google doc or other collaborative document where reflections can be collected and shared

*  denotes the material is required for the simulation

Materials to send to Participants before the Simulation:

While most of the following materials are located above, you also have the option to send students direct links for their own viewing or downloading choice.

watch an online session of world climate

The Climate Change Initiative and Climate Interactive hosted an online session of the World Climate Simulation that you can now watch! In the video, you can hear how facilitators:

  • organize and launch breakout rooms in Zoom
  • share materials such as briefing statements and virtual backgrounds
  • orchestrate negotiations across teams via breakouts

Watch the Online Session of the World Climate Simulation