In our role-playing simulations, developed with Climate Interactive and MIT Sustainability Initiative, participants take on a role, make decisions, and explore the implications of their decisions on the physical world through computer simulations. These active learning experiences enable people to learn for themselves about the complex interactions between human and natural systems.

This approach is ideal for understanding climate change and sustainability, which include complex interactions between climate, energy, and social systems. Role-play enables people to learn about the social dynamics of decision-making, while an interactive computer simulation yields insights into the impacts those decisions have on our energy and climate system.

The climate policy decision-support simulation, C-ROADS (Climate Rapid Overview and Decision Support, developed by Climate Interactive, MIT Sustainability Intiative and UMass Lowell Climate Change Initiative), is used within the highest levels of government, the United Nations, the private sector, and NGOs, as well as by citizens and students around the world. The En-ROADS simulator builds on C-ROADS and focuses on energy policy and climate solutions. Both C-ROADS and En-ROADS are designed to make the best available science accessible to non-experts in a way that is interactive and relevant.

We invite you to explore our resources if you are interested in bringing climate simulation experiences to your classroom or organization, and register here to join our research effort. If you are a TRiO Professional, explore our resources tailored to bring World Climate to TRiO Programs across the US, register your interest in participating in our Geo-Interactive research . If you represent Student Support Services at your institution, explore our Mini Grant opportunity to assist implementing World Climate at your program. If you are an Upward Bound TRIO Professional, consider learning more about our iStronG Summer Program Pilots.