CCI faculty share a commitment to learner-centered, evidence-based climate change education. We develop educational resources that are used by instructors in middle to graduate school settings around the world. We offer numerous courses and two cross-disciplinary undergraduate minors that are available to UMass Lowell students: Climate Change and Sustainability and Environment and Society. Our instructional work is also integral to the University’s Gold rating from the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE).

In our role-playing simulations, participants take on a role, make decisions, and explore the implications of their decisions on the physical world through computer simulations.

These modules include curricula for secondary through graduate school, annotated summaries of major issues, and a range of cross-disciplinary approaches to climate-related topics.

Our team has benefitted greatly from the feedback of educators like yourself. Here are a number of assignments educators have used to prepare students for the World Climate event, and more…

Selected curriculum resources developed by our team and our collaborators are freely available here. We would like to work with you to make them better – please contact us if you would like to collaborate on improving or developing related resources.