Nicole Kelly

Nicole Kelly is the Sustainability Coordinator at UMass Lowell. The Office of Sustainability, a subdivision of the Rist Institute for Sustainability and Energy, provides the UMass Lowell community with resources and opportunities to integrate sustainability and progress towards goals of carbon neutrality. In this role, Nicole has contributed to the university’s sustainability reporting, urban agriculture program, property and asset management, energy initiatives, and campus reuse, recycling, and surplus operations. Additionally, Nicole’s work highlights partnerships and collaboration between campus departments and offices, the university, and the City of Lowell, and beyond to the greater community to expand a network of sustainability conscious stakeholders. Nicole holds a Bachelor of Science from the University of Connecticut in Natural Resources and the Environment and is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Public Administration at UMass Lowell. Growing up in the Greater Lowell region, Nicole has experienced firsthand the growth, development and transformation of UMass Lowell and the City of Lowell.


Nicole Kelly
Sustainability Coordinator, Office of Sustainability
University Crossing, Suite 140, UMass Lowell
Lowell MA 01854 USA
Tel: +1.978.934.6360