Naomi Wernick

Biology Education: exploring factors that affect the success of students in the transition from high school or community college into a first year introductory biology course for majors

  • Other, (2010), Bentley University – Waltham, MA
    Dissertation/Thesis Title: Content Mapping of Undergraduate Biology Textbooks
  • Other, (2009), Children’s Hospital Boston – Boston, MA
    Dissertation/Thesis Title: Retro-translocation of Cholera Toxin
  • Ph D: Molecular and Cellular Biology , (2005), Brandeis University – Waltham, MA
    Dissertation/Thesis Title: Molecular Interactions with the FcRn Cytoplasmic Domain
  • BA: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, (1997), Dartmouth College – Hanover, NH
    Dissertation/Thesis Title: The Purification and Characterization of p62
  • Susan Pasquale Faculty Award for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning in the Sciences (2014), Teaching – University of Massachusetts Lowell
  • 2011-2012 ASM/NSF Biology Scholar in Residence (Research Residency): The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (2011), Teaching – American Society for Microbiology
  • Wernick, N., Ndung’u, E., Haughton, D., Ledley, F.D. (2014) “Positioning Genomics in Biology Education: Content Mapping of Undergraduate Biology Textbooks.”, Journal of microbiology & biology education 15:2 pp. 268-76
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  • Biology Education Research: Curriculum Assessment (2011), – 
    Wernick, N. (Principal)
  • Kirschstein National Research Service Award, Individual Postdoctoral Fellowship (2007), – 
    Wernick, N.


Naomi Wernick
Associate Teaching Professor, College of Sciences
UMass Lowell
Lowell MA 01854 USA