Lori Weeden

Lori Weeden is an Associate Teaching Professor in Environmental, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences. Professor Weeden’s contribution to the CCI falls into the education category.

As teaching faculty, her primary responsibility is teaching with service coming in a close second. Her classes include Global Environmental Studies, and Weather & Climate, both of which are recommended for the interdisciplinary Climate Change and Sustainability minor. In addition, she has been involved in evaluating the water chemistry of local tributaries of both the Concord and Merrimack rivers, and has established a database with the results and shared that information with her community partner, the Lowell Parks and Conservation Trust.

Prof. Weeden feels the topic of climate change blends naturally with the earth sciences. Simply stated, the more one understands the intricacies of Earth’s systems, the better one can communicate the urgency of climate action. She also teaches General Geology, Geology for Engineers, Environmental Geochemistry, Earth History, Forensic Geology, and Environmental Science Seminar. She is currently a councilor to the New England Chapter of the National Association of Geosciences Teachers.

Prof. Weeden understands the importance of K-12 education in regards to the climate crisis. As such, she leads an interdisciplinary professional development workshop for K-12 teachers during the summer. This workshop instructs K-12 teachers and outreach officers how to discuss the different aspects of climate change. UML participants have been from engineering, social science, political science, atmospheric science, geology, health science, and education.

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Lori Weeden
Associate Teaching Professor
Earth, Environmental and Atmospheric Sciences
402B Olney Hall, UMass Lowell
Lowell, MA 01854