Jill Hendrickson Lohmeier

Jill Hendrickson Lohmeier is an Associate Professor in the College of Education and the Co-Director of the Center for Program Evaluation. Her background is in Cognitive Psychology.

research interests

​Informal Education (especially in science); interdisciplinary collaboration and work climate in academia; educational program evaluation; learning theory

Dr. Hendrickson Lohmeier’s primary research interests lie in the areas of learning and evaluation of educational programs.  Currently she is particularly interested in how informal educational venues, such as out-of-home media, can be used to teach the general public about important science topics such as climate change. Within this topic she is interested in how collaboration changes during and contributes to the effectiveness of educational programs.  A second area of interest, still within the context of research and evaluation, lies in utilizing our understanding of cognitive processing in problem solving and decision making within the evaluation process.  For example, research regarding the decision making processes of those implementing programmatic changes based on evaluative feedback can further yield ideas as to how to best evaluate educational programs.

​2019 University of Massachusetts Outstanding Campus Engagement Award

2016 University of Massachusetts KUDOS award in recognition of valuable contributions to the university.

2015 Invited to the White House for the Champions of Change in Climate Change Education ceremony and breakout sessions.

2009 Lohmeier, J.H. ., Schmitt, V. L, & Frey, B. B. (2008). The Relationship between Attitude towards Conflict and Drug Involvement Attitudes. Middle Grades Research Journal, 3(4), 73 -87. selected as top 10 peer reviewed manuscripts from 2006 – 2008 in Middle Grades Research Journal.

2009 Selected as Faculty Assessment Fellow for UML Faculty Development Center.

Lohmeier, J.H. (2018). Constructivist Approach. In Frey, B. (Ed.) Encyclopedia of Educational Research, Measurement and Evaluation, (pp 384-386). Sage Publications. DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.4135/9781506326139.n146

Lohmeier, J.H. (2018). Criterion-Based Validity Evidence. In Frey, B. (Ed.) Encyclopedia of Educational Research, Measurement and Evaluation, (pp 423-425). Sage Publications. DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.4135/9781506326139.n165

Lohmeier, J.H., & Raad, J.* (2012). The Predictive Value of Selection Criteria in an Urban Magnet School. Urban Education. 47(3) 612-624. doi:10.1177/0042085911434569

Lohmeier, J.H., & Lee, S. W. (2011). A School Connectedness Scale for Use with Adolescents. Educational Research and Evaluation, 17(02) 85 – 95.

Nehring, J. & Lohmeier, J.H. (2010). Leadership Challenges Converting a Large High School to Small Schools: A Follow-up Study. National Association of Secondary School Principals Bulletin, 94, 184-212. doi:10.1177/0192636510387825

2019 – 2023 Jill Lohmeier, Co-PI
NSF, AISL, Collaborative Research: Cool Science: Art as A Vehicle for Intergenerational Learning
PI: Robert Chen

2019-2024 Jill Lohmeier, Evaluator
NSF, CAREER: A system of pleas: Using a role-playing simulation to test
plea decision models
PI: Miko Wilford

2016-2021 Jill Lohmeier, Evaluator
ADVANCE: Institutional Transformation: Making WAVES: Disrupting Microaggressions to Propagate Institutional Transformation

2015-2020 Jill Lohmeier, PI
Lowell High School Career Academy Full Service Community Schools Evaluation


Dr. Jill Lohmeier
Associate Professor, College of Education
Co-Director, Center for Program Evaluation
525 O’Leary Library, UMass Lowell
Lowell MA 02154 USA