Jarrod Hayes

Research Interests

International Security; International Relations; Securitization Theory; Identity; Foreign Policy Analysis.

Geopolitics; Climate; International Security; International Politics; Security Studies; International Relations Theory; Global Studies; European Union; Climate Change; Global Governance.

BA: Political Science ( Foreign Policy, American Congress), University of Colorado – Boulder, CO
Supporting Area: Astronomy/Astrophysics

Other: Summer Workshop on the Analysis of Military Operations and Strategy (SWAMOS), (2010), Columbia University – New York NY

Other: Institute for National Strategic Studies Summer Strategic Seminar: Countering Nuclear Proliferation, (2010), United States Air Force Academy – Colorado Springs, CO

Ph D: Politics and International Relations, (2009), University of Southern California – Los Angeles, CA
Supporting Area: International Security, Foreign Policy Analysis, Comparative Politics
Dissertation/Thesis Title: Securitizing the Democratic Peace

Other: Institute for Qualitative Research Methods, (2007), Arizona State University – Tempe, AZ

Other: German language training, (2005), Goethe Institut – Washington, D.C.
Dissertation/Thesis Title: June-August

  • Hayes, J. (2017). Narrative and the Making of U.S. National Security. Political Science Quarterly, (1) 157.
  • Hayes, J. (2017). Reclaiming Constructivism: Identity and the Practice of the Study of International Relations. PS: Political Science & Politics, 50(1) 89 – 92.
  • Hayes, J., James, P. (2017). Systemism, Analytic Eclecticism and the Democratic Peace. Routledge
  • Hayes, J., JAMES, P. (2016). Complexity and Cross-Boundary Effects in Security: Britain and the Unification of Germany, 1989-90. Foreign Policy Analysis, 12(4) 591 – 609.
  • Hayes, J. (2016). Identity, Authority, and the British War in Iraq. Foreign Policy Analysis, 12(3) 334.
  • Hayes, J. (2016). Talented Democrats in a Modern State: Indian National Identity in 2010, English Sources. Oxford University Press

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Jarrod Hayes
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