James Heiss

James Heiss is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Environmental, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences. His research focuses on coastal hydrogeology and interactions between groundwater and surface water across the land-ocean interface from wave to climate time scales.

He is interested in the hydrologic and geologic controls affecting groundwater flow paths, fluxes, salinity and nutrient cycling in coastal aquifers. His goal is to better understand the role of groundwater dynamics on affecting surface water quality and water resources along the world coastline. James has investigated wave-driven fluid exchange in beaches, saltwater-freshwater mixing dynamics in response to tides and seasonal recharge cycles, and biogeochemical cycling in coastal groundwater systems, among other topics. Other interests include submarine groundwater discharge and saltwater intrusion as a result of sea level rise and storm surge. His research involves field work in beach, bay, marsh, estuarine, and marine environments, and numerical groundwater flow, solute transport, and reactive transport modeling.

James received a PhD from the University of Delaware in 2017 and completed a postdoctoral fellowship at the National Academy of Sciences in Washington, DC. Undergraduate and graduate students interested in coastal field work and/or numerical groundwater modeling are encouraged to contact James about available research opportunities.


Coastal Hydrogeology, Groundwater-Surface Water Interactions, Coastal Groundwater Resources, Aquifer Biogeochemistry

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Dr. James Heiss
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