Our Team

The CCI is an award-winning University Center with more than 30 faculty members drawn from 13 academic departments. Our faculty engage almost a third of UMass Lowell’s students through our instructional and research activities. We collaborate with each other on research, teaching, and outreach activities, using a systems thinking framework to integrate across disciplines. We are committed to working with citizens, community organizations, and policymakers to ensure that our scholarly work benefits society directly.

Steering Committee

Juliette Rooney-Varga
Mathew Barlow
Jill Hendrickson Lohmeier
Natalia Palacios
Charlotte Ryan
Margaret Sobkowicz-Kline
Peter Tashman
David Turcotte
Tao (Tony) Gao
Kirsten Swenson


Elizabeth Altman
Jennifer Cadero Gillette
Thomas Estabrook
Leslie Farris
Leslie Farris
Robert Gamache
Vanessa Gray
James Heiss
Kelly Hellman
David Kingsley
Supriya Lahiri
Dalila Megherbi
Christopher Niezrecki
Daniel Obrist
Michele Putko
Karen E. Roehr
Thomas Shea
Chris Skinner
Craig Slatin
Kate Swanger
Joel A. Tickner
Lori Weeden
Naomi Wernick
John Wooding