Our Mission

The Climate Change Initiative (CCI) is a University Research Center that informs and supports evidence-based climate action. Our research, education, and outreach foster a transition to a sustainable, resilient, and equitable society.

Scientific research must be the foundation for informing society about ongoing climate change and its potential future impacts. We also recognize that climate change is more than a scientific problem with a technical solution. The CCI is committed to examining the physical, ecological, environmental, social, economic, historical, and political facets of climate change impact, mitigation, and adaptation.

The CCI is an award-winning University Center with more than 40 faculty members drawn from 22 academic departments.

The CCI was founded in 2010 when a group of faculty came together to share their research and raise awareness about climate change.

Our partners include local, state and government institutions, policymakers, lawmakers, companies, non-profits, and more.


We invite you to engage with us to address one of the greatest challenges faced by humanity and to foster a successful transition to a low-carbon, climate-resilient society.  You can get involved in many ways – from participating in one of our open events to partnering with us on one of our many projects or highlighting our shared goals by sponsoring our work.