Announcing Fall 2020 Course at UMass Lowell: Art and Environment


How can artists help us understand and navigate environmental crises? This will be the focus of a Fall 2020 course ARHI 3560 Art and Environment taught by Professor Kirsten Swenson. (This is an Arts & Humanities course that fulfills the Social Responsibility and Ethics ELO.) Some of the most compelling artists today are engaged with climate change, environmental justice, and sustainability, along with related geopolitical phenomena including the refugee crisis and the environmental impact and labor conditions of the global supply chain.

UMass Lowell students from across campus who are interested in learning about research-based creative practices that represent and intervene in environmental crises are encouraged to enroll! This is one of my favorite courses to teach, and I love having students from the sciences and social sciences as well as arts and humanities. These issues are also the subject of my research–including the book Critical Landscapes: Art, Space, Politics (you can read an excerpt here) and a book that I am writing now on landscape design and land remediation.

Please feel free to reach out with any questions!