Energy Research at UMass Lowell

January 21, 2020

For more than four decades, UMass Lowell has grown its energy education and research portfolio by creating a multitude of academic, state, federal, and industry strategic partnerships. Our vibrant research program includes wind, solar and nuclear energy – as well as energy storage and next-generation fuel systems.

Spanning multidisciplinary departments in science, engineering and economics, UMass Lowell researchers are creating solutions to achieve clean and sustainable energy sources.

CCI faculty member Christopher Niezrecki is the Director of the UMass Lowell Center for Wind Energy whose mission is to conduct scientific research and perform education that will help advance wind energy harvesting, making its use cheaper, more reliable, efficient, and globally widespread.

For more information on academic programs, research, and initiatives led by our UMass Lowell faculty, visit Energy at UMass Lowell.