Climate Change Initiative

Who We Are

We’re uniting faculty across academic disciplines to drive climate action at UMass Lowell and beyond.

The CCI is a university research center that informs and supports evidence-based climate action. Our research, education, and community engagement foster a transition to a sustainable, resilient, and equitable society.

With more than 30 faculty members drawn from 13 academic departments, we collaborate with each other on research, teaching, and outreach activities, using a systems thinking framework to explore the interactions between our disciplinary areas and forge new areas of scholarly work. In addition to engaging about a third of UMass Lowell’s students through our instructional and research activities, we work actively to ensure the relevance of our scholarly work to society through our relationships with citizens, community organizations, and policymakers.

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Our RESEARCH explores interactions between climate change and social change.

Our Research Explores Interactions Between Climate Change and Social Change.

Our faculty research many aspects of climate change science, including: regional climate change projections, with a focus on extreme weather and wind and precipitation changes; remote sensing of atmospheric chemistry; paleoclimatology; and carbon cycle-climate change feedbacks. 

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We ENGAGE students, decision-makers, and communities at all levels

We ENGAGE students, decision-makers, and communities at all levels.

We believe in research and education that makes a difference. We work with communities and stakeholders beyond academia to ensure that our work is informed by and has an impact on the real world.

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